domingo, 5 de fevereiro de 2012

Bridge of Light

When you think
Hope is çost
And giving up
Is all you got
Blue turns black
Your confidence is cracked
There seems no turning back from here
Sometimes yhere isn't an obvious explanation
While the holiest stars can feel the strongest palpitations

That's when ou can build a bridge of light
That's what turns the wrong so right
That's when you can't give up the fight
That's when love turns nighttime into day
That's when loneliness goes away
That's when you gotta be strong tonight
Only love can build us a bridge of light

On your feet, I made a storm
You're convinced that you're all alone
Look at the stars, it's straight up the dark
You'll find your heart shines like the sun

Deep breath, take it on the chin
But don't forget to let the love back in
Only love can build us a bridge of light.


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